LC Home Interiors is the “accidental” brainchild of Lauren Cuneo. Since birth, Lauren has been obsessed with the details. From red pens and rulers at school, to color coding and reorganizing her father’s office, Lauren has always found new ways to channel her creative energy.

After graduating from college, Lauren jumped feet first into the fashion industry promoting the image of brands both niche and iconic such as Barneys New York and Saks Fifth Avenue. Working in this fast paced world only accelerated Lauren’s love for fabrics, patterns and of course colorful accessories. To this day, you will be hard pressed to find a pair of black shoes in her closet. 

When she and her husband uprooted their family from downtown NYC to the burbs, Lauren struggled trying to “fit” their modern furniture into a traditional center hall colonial. Instead, she created the perfect blend of her modern family and her new wainscoted home. Suffice to say this marriage looked a little different than the typical home in the suburbia. It was full of color, pattern and unexpected details: a skirted chair next to a lacquered console; purple walls layered on a violet chevron rug.

This happy twist on traditional and modern became the inspiration for LC Home Interiors. Lauren truly believes it’s the small personal touches that make a house a home. Reverting back to her childhood, she is all about the details and the creative collaboration with each family, especially the under four feet tall set.

LC Home is located in Greenwich, Connecticut and Nantucket, Massachusetts.